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Our Process

One of our Design Specialists will come out to your house and go over all of the design options that would look great for your home. We'll utilize our experience and market knowledge to ensure your Christmas Light display will look wonderful all season long. Each one of our design consultants has been trained in our own program that allows us to stay on top of all of the industry trends and designs.
Once a custom design is scheduled, a team of our Lighting Install Professionals will be sent out to ensure that the design is installed and executed as planned. We work with an electrician who can evaluate the power supply available for your lighting display to ensure circuits aren't overloaded. If a new circuit is needed, we can have an electrician build a new sub panel or add a new breaker to your panel to ensure your lights stay on all season long. We use high quality commercial grade lights and materials to eliminate any maintenance hassles and to ensure a great Christmas Light Display all season long. We also provide timers with all of our lighting displays to ensure the lights come on each and every night without you having to turn the display on yourself. Timers can be programed to any setting desired.
Throughout the entire Holiday Season we will be performing routine maintenance checks at your home to ensure that your lighting display looks perfect. If a light should go out, just go to our website and submit a maintenance request. Once the maintenance request has been submitted, one of our lighting professionals will be out to your property within 24 hours to complete the request. We understand what our clients expect and by choosing to work with us we will do our very best to ensure your satisfaction.
After the Holidays are over, we will have a team of professionals come out to your home and remove the lighting display.  All take downs will start on January 5th and run through January 15th.

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